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  • Chogokin Database

    Chogokin Database

    Popy Chogokin (1973-1983) GA Series GB Series GC Series Popynica PA Series PB Series Catalogs and Advertisments Vinyl Big Scale Games Missile Firing Tora-Sobu (Flying) Keshi Role Play Bandai Chogokin (1983 – current) THE Chogokin GD Series GX Series (Soul of Chogokin) CGA Series (Capsule Chogokin) GE Series XS Series Super Robot Chogokin Popynica (1983-current)…

  • Brave Gokin List Updated

    Our CM’s Corp Brave Gokin list has been updated and brought current to 2011, and now includes a list of unproduced items. Check it out here

  • We’re Back! is back after a long haitus. Our J-Toy Wiki is constantly growing and updating every day. If you want to add something, let us know!